Lilly Petru

Lilly Petru RAD RTS, ECE

Lilly Petru began her career in dance at the Revue Theater Deva, Romania. She brings to Rising Star over 17 years of dancing professionally as well as teaching and choreography.  Lilly has a College Degree in Classical and Contemporary Dance from the Popular School of Arts in Arad, Romania. Her teaching experience incorporates diverse disciplines of dance, from ages 3 to adults for the past 12 years. Lilly is known for her artistic integrity, enthusiasm and professionalism. She holds the Teaching Certificate of the Royal Academy of Dance and is a registered teacher of the RAD.Miss Lilly is an astute and particular instructor always striving for excellence in her students whether for performance, an examination or presentation. A registered R.A.D. teacher, Miss Lilly has had an exceptional career working in conjunction with this world renowned standardized testing process. Her candidates have had and continue to have exceptional results.Lilly is dedicated to the art of teaching classical ballet and passionate about working with her students to find the learning style that is best suited to them. Lilly successfully enters children for the examinations of the RAD.