The Olympic Pride

Every 2 years I look forward to watching the Olympics, Winter and Summer. Obviously being a dance teacher I love watching the figure skating and gymnastics, but I am in awe of all the sports. It gives me such pride being Canadian and seeing our athletes represent strong at these games. Watching from home and cheering them on, whether it is scoring that winning hockey goal or landing that triple axle.

I know how hard they have worked to get here. The long hours of practice perfecting their craft. The dedication to be at the rink early in the morning, out on the slopes, or racing down that luge track. The support from their family encouraging them to reach for their goals and never give up. All of these athletes have put in countless hours, fought through injuries, and have come out on top because they have reached their goal of competing at the Olympics.

Whether they are standing on the podium or not, I hope they know they have made their nation proud. This is the same feeling I get being able to do what I love. I get to see everyday the smiles on these kids faces when they come to the studio. They are here because they love to dance. It is so rewarding for myself and the student when they have reached one of their goals. I know how hard they have worked to get those splits flat, get that tap step they were struggling with, get their aerial in Acro class, or earn that score they were working towards at competition. They didn’t give up, even if at times they felt like it, they pushed forward and reached those goals. I hope all of our students at RSPA know how proud we are of all of you. We see how hard you work in class, and we know the hours of practice you put in perfecting your craft.

One of my favourite dance quotes is “I do not try to dance better than anyone else, I only try to dance better than myself”. That’s all you can do. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You are all great and RSPA is proud to have you as part of our dance team and family 🙂

Miss Georene

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