The spirit of volunteering is alive and well in the studio.

There are many reasons for wanting to volunteer;

To feel needed, to share a skill, to gain leadership skills, receive satisfaction from an accomplishment, to help someone, to earn academic credit, to build your resume etc.

When you are volunteering not only are you helping others but yourself as well. Although we do not necessarily volunteer to receive something we do obtain an “exchange” that we have not expected.

You learn something new, develop and learn communication skills, initiative, motivation, organization, feel proud, make new friends, explore a career, become an important part of a team and most of all it’s fun!

Their help is enormously beneficial in the studio.

Another long time volunteer in the studio was Sarah Hunt – Sarah has always been eager to help wherever she can and has assisted in classes and summer camps. Her friendly disposition is why we have her as our receptionist on Saturday morning.

Sarah has been dancing at RSPA since she was 5 – her first routines being jazz “Rock-A-Hula” and tap “Digga, Digga Dog”.

You wouldn’t know it now but Sarah used to get into a lot of trouble for talking in class!

On the other hand Sarah was also very shy and found it difficult to look at her self in the mirror. She has a tremendous gift for performing and by careful nurturing has matured into a hard working, talented young lady who is very confident in her stage presence.

Sarah’s work ethic is so strong that at a dance competition she was singled out by a judge for this very reason and presented a special award.

We are so proud of all of our volunteers and glad that they make Rising Star a better place for all of the students and their families.

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